The Top Coffee Shops in Boonton

Journey to the heart of Morris County, New Jersey, to discover charming, quaint Boonton, a town mixing the allure of tranquil, small-town livability with the convenience of modern amenities. The community of Boonton has a rich historical heritage, stunning natural surroundings, and a wealth of activities for residents, no matter their age or interests.

Perfectly preserved and picturesque, Main Street embodies the town’s noticeable historical atmosphere; Victorian-style buildings, alongside small businesses and high-end boutiques, line the famous thoroughfare and top-quality restaurants. In Boonton, neighbors are friends, and local events foster a palpable feeling of togetherness. The town’s exceptional education system and top-ranked schools only contribute to this community spirit. Read on for the top coffee shops in Boonton. 

Welcome to Boonton

Enjoy an afternoon picnic at idyllic Grace Lord Park, home to rolling landscapes and mesmerizing waterfalls, or take a long hike through the sprawling greenery of Tourne County Park. Boonton is ideal for nature enthusiasts, where opportunities for leisurely walks, robust hikes, and bird-watching abound.

The town’s location is similarly enticing — Manhattan is a comfortable commute away, yet Boonton retains the peacefulness of suburban life. This makes the city perfect for residents seeking a combination of easy access to the big city and secluded, small-town ease. This New Jersey locale ensures an enjoyable and contented lifestyle for all comers, whether young professionals searching for community, a family pursuing an easygoing place with stellar schools, or a retiree keen on relocating somewhere serene and leisurely.

Boonton Coffee Co.

602 Main St, Boonton, NJ

A symbol of Boonton’s vibrant small business community and a beloved hangout for locals and visitors alike, Boonton Coffee Co. serves stupendous coffee on happening Main Street. Locals love Boonton Coffee Co.’s warm and trendy ambiance, a marriage of exposed brick and chic wood flooring, with locally sourced, high-end tables and chairs and plush, comfortable leather couches. Upon walking through the door, the mouthwatering aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and delicious baked goods greets patrons. At Boonton Coffee Co, mugs of latte, cups of espresso, and plates of croissants exemplify the high quality and attention to detail that characterize the shop as much as the food.

The shop offers drip and cold brew coffee (nitro, regular, and frozen, all of which pack a caffeinated punch), hot cocoa, chai lattes, and teas (try the sheep hill blend, a local favorite). Regarding food, the cheese board shouldn’t be missed, nor should the avocado toast, brightened by fresh tomatoes and a delicious fig glaze. The brie toast, layered with cranberry sauce and glazed walnuts, and the Nutella toast with seasonal berries and chocolate drizzle have a base of loyal fans. As a rule, Boonton Coffee Co. commits itself to sourcing the highest quality, sustainably grown coffee beans and ingredients governed by fair trade practices. Baristas at Boonton Coffee Co. prepare each cup with precision and passion.

Lastly, Boonton Coffee Co. hosts several events, notably concerts featuring an exciting array of musicians, often folk, indie, and Jazz acts. The First Friday Show at Boonton Coffee Co. is not to be missed.

Java Smugglers Cafe & Health Bar

922 Main St, Boonton, NJ

A blend of innovative culinary experiences and wellness-oriented products, Java Smugglers Cafe & Health Bar amounts to heaven for the health-conscious and those who appreciate an excellent cup of coffee. Relaxing yet vibrant, the ambiance at Java Smugglers is a byproduct of its eye-catching, artistic decor and design scheme. Here, beautiful, Eastern-inspired patterns adorn one wall, while bookshelves crammed with books draw the eye to another; the furniture is electric, trendy, and, most importantly, comfortable. Java Smugglers is the perfect destination to meet friends for a stir-and-chat or nest for hours on end, working on your project or engrossed in a book.

As implied by its name, coffee is the focus at Java Smugglers. It serves high-quality, artisanal coffee (organically grown in Volcanic Javanese soil), all paying homage to and sourced from one of the world’s premier coffee-growing regions: Java. You can expect the expert baristas at Java Smugglers to mindfully and expertly prepare your espresso, cold brew, Americano, latte, or tea. The beverages exemplify quality ingredients, readied commendably. For a unique experience, try the rose cappuccino or iced peppermint mocha, both favorites among Java Smugglers regulars.

Pergaminos Bakery & Café

720 Main St 1st Fl, Boonton, NJ

Authentic Colombian baked goods and coffee await you at Pergaminos Bakery & Café, one of the best coffee shops in Boonton, New Jersey. Here, buttery, flaky empanadas and scrumptious, fluffy pandebonos are paired with delicious, robust servings of South American coffee and attract crowds and loyal customers. A family-owned Boonton institution, Pergaminos symbolizes the combination of forward-thinking innovation and time-tested tradition.

Locals especially love the bakery’s arepas, corn cakes prepared on a griddle, a Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine staple. The macarena is made from a special type of corn flour which lends them their lightly sweet, signature flavor. It is no understatement to say they are addictive!

If you are hankering for more than coffee and modestly sized (albeit tasty) baked goods, try the Bandeja paisa, perhaps Colombia’s most recognizable dish. It includes heaping amounts of chorizo sausage, carne molida (ground beef), chicharrón (fried pork belly), fried egg, plantain, an arepa or two, hoaga sauce (a Colombian sofrito sauce combining tomato, onion, and spices), black pudding, and red beans cooked with pork, along with rice. Save room for dessert, a slice of delicious, creamy tres leches: a sponge cake crafted from evaporated, condensed, and whole milk, a signature Colombian dessert.

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