6 Question Quiz Tests Your Morris County Real Estate Vocabulary

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Although the typical adult spends at least a fourth of his or her income on Morris County real estate-related matters, many basic real estate terms—even basic ones—aren’t widely understood. We probably accept that fact because that is just the way it’s always been—but it really is astonishing that many of the material terms Morris County real estate professionals use remain …

Do Remodels Make Sense when Selling Your Morris County Home?

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The numbers are in! If you are among the local homeowners counting the days until Morris County’s hot selling season begins, unless your house is already in perfect showing shape, you might be pondering which—if any—possible remodeling projects would be wise to take on before you list. The answers aren’t simple. The first consideration is the calculation for whether your …

For Morris County Rental Property, 3 Reasons to Invest in 2019

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Last Saturday investment commentator Rebecca Lake presented the kind of analysis that would warm the heart of Morris County rental property proponents. Her report appeared on the U.S. News website under the title “3 Reasons to Invest in Single-Family Rentals.” The piece was all the more persuasive because of its fresh perspective: according to the author, 2019 looks to be …

Time to Start Which 4 Home Improvement Projects?

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U.S. News and World Report may not be the primary source most homeowners turn to for Morris County real estate news flashes, but this month they have brought up some relevant insights regarding home improvement projects. A week or so before Thanksgiving Day, they published an opinion piece urging homeowners to get off the sofa and “set yourself up for …

4 Reasons for Buying Morris County Homes Now that Fall is Here

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Throughout the country, spring and summer are when the most serious house hunting takes place. Springtime is, after all, the season when it just feels right to undertake major initiatives—and buying Morris County homes certainly falls into that category. But if your own school or work calendar doesn’t dictate the timing, there are some good reasons why putting it off …

What’s the Simplest Way to Prep Your Morris County House?

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Prepping your Morris County house for sale can be a challenge or a pleasure—for the most part, that’s determined by how much attention you’ve been able to give the place in the past few years. Either way, the first action item is to make a thorough reconnaissance of the property. The punch list of maintenance initiatives that results will determine …

Mountain Lakes Schools Ratings

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Mountain Lakes Schools are currently ranked #9 in New Jersey and #2 in Morris County!  Read more… https://www.niche.com/k12/d/mountain-lakes-school-district-nj/

Do You Know Why 29,000,000 Americans are Losing Sleep?

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Real estate is bugging 29 million Americans—and who can blame them? According to Realtor Magazine, more than 10% of U.S. adults say they are losing sleep worrying over residential issues. Area residents might not be part of any rampant insomnia epidemic, but for many, at least some components of Morris County housing costs have been inching up. The source for …

How Much Does Inflation Affect Morris County Real Estate Wealth?

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It’s been quite a while since inflation was a subject that cropped up regularly in the news—yet it’s never ceased being a major factor affecting Morris County real estate wealth. For younger Morris County homeowners who have never experienced rampant inflation, if it starts to build steam, it can get the public’s attention in a hurry. Inflation is what happens …

Morris County Real Estate Investor Strategy Augments Retirement

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Last week, CNBC’s Jeff Brown came up with a report on how some investors are proactively countering “worries their nest egg will come up short.” That might sound familiar to Morris County residents who find themselves worrying a little more as each year passes. Retirement may be that much closer—but it’s far from certain how comfortable those latter years are …