• Mountain Lakes

    A community of Craftsman style homes surrounded by 7 lakes, walking trails and some of the best schools in New Jersey. Read more...

  • Boonton

    Boonton is known for its appreciation of the arts and culture. Read more...

  • Boonton Township

    If you are looking for a peaceful and calm place to live, Boonton Township is a must see community. Read more...

  • Green Pond / Rockaway Township

    One of New Jersey’s best kept secrets, this enchanting, private community is nestled around a 2.5 mile long spring-fed lake in NJ. Read more...

  • Montville

    Montville is a popular place to call home for anyone who works in the city. This lovely area is approximately 32 miles away from Manhattan. Read more...

  • Denville

    Known as the “Hub of Morris County”, Denville has the charm of a small town with a lot of history. With 11 named bodies of water inside township limits, this area is gorgeous wherever you go. Read more...

  • Parsippany / Troy Hills

    Parsippany has great educational institutions and three different libraries throughout the county in addition to their diverse selection of schools that consistently rank among the best in the state.

Mountain Lakes

“A wonderland of mountains, lakes and forests…in the country but near the city.”Herbert J. Hapgood, original Mountain Lakes developer

Want to be a “Laker”?

Broad, tree-lined streets and low undulating hills create a magnificent park-like effect that the original developer, Herbert J. Hapgood, envisioned. This lovely, wooded suburb is where Mary Menard and her husband Tom call home. Mountain Lakes is located about 40 miles away from New York City and is brimming with some of the highest quality properties you’ll find. It is often rated one of the “best small towns in New Jersey.”

Those who live here refer to themselves as “Lakers”, and there’s a good reason why. Mountain Lakes is surrounded by nine, shimmering man-made lakes! These lakes span approximately 162 acres, and include: Sunset Lake, Crystal Lake, Birchwood Lake, Olive Lake, Shadow Lake, Cove Lake, Reservoir Lake, Mountain Lake, and Wildwood Lake.

This community has a wide variety of elegant, colonial style stucco homes, each with its own charm and unique structure. Transportation wise, Mountain Lakes offers easy access to Interstate 287. For those who commute, bus and train service to Manhattan are also readily available.

Video House Tour

Why choose Mountain Lakes?

A little history…

As a borough of Morris County, Mountain Lakes has a rich history. It began with original developer Herbert J. Hapgood, who wanted to transform these rural woodlands into a planned suburban community with lots of charm and style. He began work in 1910, and slowly added a truly unique character to the town over the course of the next decade. To this day, Mountain Lakes remains one of the most unique communities in all of America, thanks to Mr. Hapgood’s vision of following the style of the Arts & Crafts movement. Take a stroll through the area and you’ll pass through stone pillars on either side of town, encountering broad, tree lined streets that decorate this community. Continue venturing and you’ll find elegant, colonial style stucco homes, each with their own charm. Most of the homes follow this design, though you can visit the section near Lake Arrowhead or “the Village” to see two areas where more modest houses have been built, with a mix of ranches, Capes, and cottages.


Mountain Lakes Schools

Schools here are often ranked among the best in Morris County. In fact, Mountain Lakes is one of New Jersey’s most highly educated municipalities, with 85.94% of adults attaining a four-year undergraduate or graduate degree. This is four times the national average of 21.84%! New Jersey Monthly magazine also listed Mountain Lakes as one of the best places to live, in their “New Jersey’s Top Towns 2011-2012″ study!

There is one elementary, one middle and one high school in Mountain Lakes, each of which significantly outperforms other public schools statewide. Wildwood Elementary School served 473 students in kindergarten to Grade 5, while Briarcliff Middle School served 317 sixth- through eighth-graders last year. Mountain Lakes High School had 704 students from the borough and the neighboring Boonton Township in 2012-13. SAT scores that year averaged 567 in reading, 569 in math and 563 in writing, compared with state averages of 495, 521 and 496.

Also in town is the Lake Drive School, which serves about 100 hearing-impaired students from throughout the region.

The Craig School is a private day school specializing in learning disabilities for second to 12th graders with the lower school in Mountain Lakes and the upper in Boonton.

Additional Schools:
• Lakeland Hills Family YMCA
• Scribbles Preschool
• Mountain Lakes Country Day School
• King of Kings Preschool


Outdoor Activities

Ask just about any resident in Mountain Lakes and they’ll tell you that outdoor activities are at the top of their list. There’s Birchwood Lake, right next to the Tourne County Park with many trails for hiking and cross country skiing in the winter. This beach is great for swimming, diving, fishing and volleyball. Island Beach has a shallow swimming area and is the best for little ones. Sailing, kayaking, SUP, fishing, and yoga classes are all part of summer fun here! As Summer ends and beautiful Fall foliage in this area turns into Winter and snowy afternoons, strap on your skates. Many residents love to go ice skating across “The Cove” in Mountain Lake.

The Mountain Lakes Club
Mountain Lakes offers a private social club for residents. This club has been around since 1914, providing year round dining, special events, boating, wedding receptions, and more. There is something for everyone. Adults will love the comedy nights, trivia nights, concerts, wine tasting, and whiskey tasting events held throughout the year. Children can enjoy family movie nights, arts & crafts classes and a game room with ping pong and other activities.

Restaurants Around Mountain Lakes:
• Station Restaurant at Mountain Lakes
• Hapgood’s Restaurant
• Mountain Lakes Bagel & Deli
• Paul’s Family Diner

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A Town of Charm, History, and Appreciation of the Arts

Since it’s humble beginnings in 1867, Boonton has been acknowledged amongst neighboring communities as a wonderful town. Sizing as approximately 2.45 square miles, Boonton is 22 miles west of the George Washington Bridge and 7 miles north of Morristown on Rte. 287. It’s convenient location caters to those needing passage into New York City, providing a commuter rail and bus. Frightened you might find yourself bored? Complete with three mid-sized shopping centers, several art galleries, and specialty shops located around the Main Street Business District, Boonton has a lively aura sure to perk up and excite anyone.


Prior to 1867, the village of Boonton, then called Booneton, was located mile and a half downstream from where it currently is. The area where Boonton is currently located was formerly part of Pequannock and Hanover Township. The name Boonton is derived from Colonial Governor, Thomas Boone.

Years later, Boonton became a hub for manufacture and other such businesses, part in due to the canal near Booneton Falls, which is in the present Town of Boonton. Booneton ironworks, run by John Jacob Faesch and his two sons, and, later, by William Scott, helped provided weapons for soldiers fighting in the during the Revolutionary War. Years later in 1830, a group of entrepreneurs recognized the profit to be made in Boonton and created New Jersey Iron Company with a funding of $283,000. However, many years later, the iron age at Boonton ceased, leaving a somewhat unfortunate yet interesting mark in the history of the town.

Later, however, the town once again began to bustle with business. For instance, Loanda Hard Rubber Company, found in 1891 by Edwin A. Scribner, created the Boontonware, a plastic dinnerware sold all across the country. Richard W. Seabury, who founded Radio Frequency Laboratories, was quite successful in the 1920s with the radio business. In 1917, E.A. Stevenson & Company created the Butter Works, a processing plant for oils and manufacture plant for margarine.

The Arts

Boonton, while once being a hub for manufacturing, is now known for its appreciation of the arts. It can be seen through the many art stores open throughout the town, the frequent concerts or other musical events, the Boonton First Fridays, and many more. Boonton First Fridays take place on the Main Street of Boonton, featuring local musicians and bands playing and shops extending their hours, creating a truly exciting social experience for all who partake. Boonton is to be praised not only for it’s music, but for it’s art as well. All throughout the Main Street are over 100 sculptures of interestingly painted and sculpted dogs, called the Dog Days of Summer. They were created by various artists and students and are displayed across main street of Boonton, in between and around the many fascinating shops. The statues are up for sale, with all profits made going to various charities, many promoting the health and safety of animals. For those who prefer the theatrical arts, Gateway to the Arts is a place where children with a passion for dance, song, acting, and music can thrive.


The schools of Boonton strive to educate students to the point where they actively improve upon society with their intelligence and excellency gained from their teachings. The schools will prepare your children to achieve the New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards.

Schools in Boonton:
• Boonton Highschool
• John Hill School
• School Street School

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Boonton Township

A Rural Wonderland

Boonton Township is the perfect town for those looking to seek out a peaceful life with beautiful sights and a calm disposition. Great spans of farmland and other such beauties will entice anyone searching for asylum from a stress inducing life. However, excitement is never far away as Boonton Township’s location allows for quick travel into New York City. Using a direct bus service, passage into the city is only 45 minutes.

The Tourne

The Tourne, sizing at 545 acres, is a beautiful park near Boonton township well renowned for its beauty. Hikers and cross-country skiers alike can testify that visiting the Tourne is a wonderful experience from Summer to Winter. The sights that can be seen are simply breathtaking, with a view of the New York City Skyline being visible on a clear day. Anyone hoping for a pleasant stroll in the woods will be more than satisfied with what the Tourne brings the table.


Children in Boonton Township attend Rockaway Valley School from kindergarten to eight grade. From ninth to twelfth grade, students attend school in a close by town, Mountain Lakes, going to what is one of the best schools in the state, Mountain Lakes High School.

Parks Near Boonton Township:
• Tourne
• Leonard Park
• Griffith Park
• Griffith Pond
• RVA Fields

Libraries Near Boonton Township:
• Morris County Free Library
• Mountain Lakes Public Library
• Holmes Public Library

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Green Pond / Rockaway Township

Search Green Pond Listings

If you’re looking for a highly desirable place to raise your family, Green Pond, New Jersey, needs to be on your radar!

There exists a delightful and enchanting place to call home, tucked away within Rockaway Township, New Jersey. Green Pond is both a lake and a private, residential community, managed by Green Pond Corporation and Lake End Corporation. This 465 acre stretch of land is a hidden gem among New Jersey neighborhoods. Despite the name, Green Pond is a spring-fed glacial lake with crystal clear water and even more beautiful properties. Underground cold-water springs make this shimmering lake an absolutely gorgeous destination for your family.

If ever there was a place for nostalgia, Green Pond is it. The area harks back to an earlier time with generation after generation of families enjoying and loving everything Green Pond has to offer. With summer camp activities, a swim team, sailing, and hiking trails galore, kids have no shortage of activities to keep them busy.

In addition, you’ll find some of the purest water throughout all of New Jersey in this wonderful community. Green Pond is likely the cleanest home owner accessible body of water in the entire state. It is glacier formed, 2.4 miles long, and a spring fed true pond, meaning no rivers or other streams feed to it. Positioned 1046 feet above sea level, it is surrounded by protected forest land, making Green Pond five to seven degrees cooler than the surrounding areas in the summer!

What else makes Green Pond unique?

• Exclusive amenities — New homeowners in Green Pond also become stock holders, which grants them exclusive access to the common lands throughout the area. In exchange for a fee, residents can privately access the lake, the beach, and the community facilities. These are not accessible by the public, and include tennis courts, fields to play sports, a community center, and a membership-only yacht club.
• Fantastic views — Green Pond is surrounded by many acres of woodlands, trails, and mountains, perfect for residents who enjoy going for a stroll.
• Overall location — Green Pond is near just about every major route in New Jersey, including routes 23, 80 and 287. If you work in New York City, you’ll be happy to know that you’re just 32 miles from Manhattan!

Within the community, there are always activities to take advantage of for residents of Green Pond. Because the amenities are exclusive to members of the Green Pond community, families and neighbors get together often to enjoy time with one another. If you yearn for a place where your children are excited to go play outside, Green Pond real estate has everything you could want when it comes to finding a home!

Green Pond residents have the opportunity to join the Green Pond Yacht Club that offers competitive One Design sailing, a strong youth program, and family oriented dining in the summer. Residents also have access to private tennis, a beach, grille facilities; as well as youth and adult activities.

Recreation & Other Activities

• Swimming in Green Pond Lake
• Sailing, motor boating, and water skiing
• Tennis courts
• Cross country ski trails
• Open fields for baseball and other sports
• Fishing (the lake is stocked seasonally with trout and bass!)
The Stand, located on the beach, is a great local spot for grabbing a quick lunch, dinner, or ice cream for the kids.

In addition to the activities above, many homeowners also belong to the Green Pond Yacht Club, which provides sailing lessons, social events throughout the year, and a restaurant available in the summertime! During the off-season, the clubhouse is available to rent out for private events, providing a stunning lakeside view for your guests.

Outside of the lake itself, there are plenty of exciting destinations that are just a short drive away. Looking to shop? Green Pond is only about a 20 minute drive to the nearby Rockaway Town Square Mall, one of the largest malls in all of New Jersey!

There are also several nearby parks for residents to enjoy. Go for an afternoon picnic, take the dogs for a walk, or take your children to a playground for some exercise and fun at one of these parks below!

Parks near Green Pond:
• Farny State Park
• Lake Ames Park
• Egbert’s Lake Park


Looking for a bite to eat? There are plenty of delicious restaurants just northwest of Green Pond, in Oak Ridge. Check out what some of the locals have to say about these eateries below:

Restaurants near Green Pond:
• Giselle’s
• That Little Restaurant
• Mario’s Pizza
• Portofino’s Restaurant
• Luzzi’s Hibernia Inn


Are you thinking of moving to Green Pond, New Jersey? Many excellent schools are available for your children that are a short distance away. Whether you are looking for a public or private learning institution, top rated education can be found nearby throughout Rockaway Township, as well as in Oak Ridge.

At The Menard Group, we know just how important it is to ensure your family has access to great schools. Moving to a new area is often highly dependent on what’s nearby, and schools are no exception! You’ll be happy to know that all of the schools below offer an excellent environment for your child to thrive, with many opportunities for focused learning. In fact, at Rockaway Township Public Schools, the average student to teacher ratio is 11.8 to 1!

Take a look at the schools available for your children to attend:

Public schools near Green Pond:
• Copeland Middle School
• Katherine D. Malone Elementary
• Morris Hills High School

Pre-schools near Green Pond:
• Winter Bible Nursery
• Elements of Learning
• Quality Time Childcare

Private schools near Green Pond:
• Morris Catholic High School
• Our Lady of the Magnificat School
• Sacred Heart School

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Considering Montville NJ real estate?

Montville is a township and part of Morris County, New Jersey. A popular place to call home for anyone who works in the city, this lovely area is approximately 32 miles away from Manhattan. Family friendly, upscale, and with a great sense of community, Montville has many extravagant properties to browse from. It has also been honored by Money magazine, which included the township in their “2013 Best Places to Live” rankings. Montville was ranked 13th in the nation, and one of three New Jersey areas in the top 50 list!

Transportation options for getting around are abundant, and Montville offers commuter trains at the Towaco Station on Route 202, located on New Jersey Transit’s Montclair- Boonton Line. If driving, you’ll enjoy easy access to all the major highways in the area. Those in Montville include Interstate 287 and U.S. Route 202 in the north, and both Interstate 80 and U.S. Route 46 in the south.

Looking for things to do in and around Montville? Some areas of interest include:
• Montville Community Park
• Montville Township Museum
• The Barn Theatre

Could your next home be here? The Montville NJ real estate market is flush with gorgeous listings!

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Considering Denville NJ real estate?

Could your next home be in Denville? Known as the “Hub of Morris County”, Denville has the charm of a small town with a lot of history. It was established in 1913, and many of the homes have a beautiful, unique architecture to them. With 11 named bodies of water inside township limits, this area is gorgeous wherever you go, with a strong sense of community. Neighbors can frequently be found hanging out downtown, or near the water, and are always happy to socialize. With close access to I-80 as well as route 46, you can easily travel to downtown New York in less than an hour.

There plenty of great schools within the township, such as Lakeview Elementary. Denville is also within close proximity to many delicious local restaurants and businesses, such as Sergio’s Italian Deli. For your shopping needs, you’re only a few minutes drive away from Rockaway Townsquare.

Some areas of interest in and around Denville include:
• Stickley Museum
• Wick House Herb Garden
• Rockaway River Country Club
• Fairy Tale Forest

Explore the Denville NJ real estate area below and then search the properties.

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Parsippany / Troy Hills

Considering Parsippany NJ real estate?

The name Parsippany is an abbreviated form for the Parsippany-Troy Hills Township, located in Morris County, New Jersey. This name comes from a Native American term for “the place where the river winds through the valley”. Parsippany is situated near where interstate 287 and 80 intersect, making it an ideal location for your future home. You’ll enjoy a diverse and active community, with great educational institutions and three different libraries throughout the county. Parsippany offers a diverse selection of public and private schools that consistently rank among the best in the state!

Additionally, it is only about a 40 min drive to New York City, or 30 minutes to the Newark International Airport. Homeowners here enjoy easy access to shopping plazas, live entertainment, restaurants, and 31 different parks!

Parsippany is a must-consider area if you’re moving to Morris County. In 2012, it was listed as one of Money magazine’s “Best Places to Live in the United States”, coming in at 15th place overall. It is also the most populous area in Morris County.

Some areas of interest in and around Parsippany include:
• Parsippany Playhouse
• Cameron Dog Park
• Knoll Park

The Parsippany NJ real estate market is full of beautiful homes!

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